Summer at Millefiori

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Valtournenche, Cheneil and Chamois

Difficulty: Low | Length: 17km (full loop)

Embark on the 17km scenic journey from Valtournenche, through Cheneil and onto Chamois, with a captivating view of the Matterhorn en route. Savor a coffee break at Cheneil refugio and lunch in the charming Chamois during peak season. For the weary, there's an option to catch a cable car from Chamois to Buisson and then secure a ride back to Hotel Millefiori.

Lago di Cignana, Mont Pancherot and Perrere

Difficulty: Intermediate | Length: 23km (full loop)

Embark on a rewarding hike from Valtournenche to Mont Pancherot, passing through Perrere and back. Traverse the scenic trail of Lago di Cignana, culminating in a rewarding small mountain summit of Mont Pancherot at 2630m. Along the 25km journey, discover the valley's best bakery in Perres and explore fascinating caves on your return to Valtournenche. With potential snowfall, this route is best walked after June or before November for an optimal experience.

Cervinia to Plateau Rosa and Breithorn (4,165m)

Difficulty: High | Length: 32km

Embark on the challenging, yet rewarding trek from Cervinia to Plateau Rosa and onto the Breithorn peak (4,165m). This trek is beginner-friendly but requires good physical condition. You could opt for a less strenuous hike to Plateau Rosa, have lunch and head back. Tackling the full route? You must proceed as a team for safety on the glacier. If it's your group's first attempt, consider hiring a guide for the day; the hotel can assist with arrangements.

Cheneil Routes to Champoluc, Cervinia and Antey

Difficulty: Low | Length: Varies

Explore the varying landscapes of Valtournenche by following the best Cheneil routes we have to offer. Meander through picturesque valleys to reach Champoluc, Cervinia, or Antey, each providing a unique experience. Ideal for beginner and intermediate hikers, the routes can be customized to fit your preferences. We've mapped out the places you need to stop to get the best coffee or food along the way. To get to Cheneil you can either walk or have us drive you to Cheneil where you take the cable car up the last bit before starting your hike.

Pian dell' Arp (Hut to Hut)

Difficulty: Intermediate | Length: 42km

Experience the thrill of the 35km Pian dell' Arp route, a classic 'hut to hut' trek providing an immersive alpine experience. It's a perfect fit for intermediate hikers seeking an adventurous outing. After each day's hike, unwind in one of the rustic huts along the route. Don't miss the stunning sunrise and sunset views, which beautifully encapsulate the raw beauty of the mountains. Remember to book the huts in advance! We can help you, so ask us anytime. If you need us to keep your luggage while you are off let us know as well.