Fully Renovated Room With Lots of Space

Our premium rooms offer the most space as they may fit up to 5 people. These rooms are a product of our expansion during the last few months. Therefore, they offer fully renovated bathrooms for that little extra comfort. As with any other room, we offer complimentary towels and bathrobes for the spa facilities. These rooms are located on the bottom floor and offers a beautiful view of the valley. These rooms are thus also ideal for those with certain handicaps as they may enter directly from the parking lot.

As our guest, may use our lounge liberally during your stay, where we offer complimentary snacks and drinks throughout the day. You may ask one of our employees to make you a cappuccino or an espresso to take with you to your room if you would prefer. We want the hotel to be alive and thus we encourage our guests to socialise in the lounge or in the resturant during the evening. If you'd like to know more about our facilities see our designated web pages for both the lounge and restuarant. All our rooms offer complimentary breakfast buffet if booked through our own website.

  • Fits up to 5
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Private Bathroom
  • Single Beds
  • Central Heating
  • Complimentary Bathrobes
  • Amazing views
  • Private Entrance
  • Free Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Daily Guided Tours
  • Complimentary Drinks & Snacks in Lounge
  • Access to spa facilities
  • Bottom Floor
Added luxuries

Fully Renovated Bathrooms

As a product of our expansion, these rooms enjoy fully renovated high quality bathrooms.

These bathrooms are ideal for those with certain disabilities as they are handicapped designed. Well leave a few bathrobes and towels so you may use the spa facilities loacted a few meters away on the same floor.

Private Entrance

For that added sense of privacy, most of our premium rooms offer two entrances one of which you may access from the parking lot.

As most of our premium rooms are located on the bottom floor, most have access to the parking lot directly from their hotel room. This may be ideal for certain handicaps or perhaps for those that come and go during the earlier hours on the night.