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Experience an Unrivaled Fusion of Adventure & Simplicty. Visit Hotel Millefiori.

Millefiori was bought and renovated in 2016 by Scandinavian adventurists. Millefiori is located in Valtournenche, a charming Italian alps village situated by Cervinia. Cervinia pass links to Zermatt in Switzerland and thus offers up to 360 km of pistes during the season. Millefiori's founders saw immense potential in its location, just a few minutes away from the lift that would provide you with more pists than you could dream of, and unlimited ground for off-piste, heli and ski-touring.

The hotel has a very unique concept. Day to day is planned out by the employees, our own hiking & ski guides, at the hotel who guide you on the hiking paths during the summer or act as ski guides during the winter. They also provide more intense tours with mountain-biking or ski-touring during the summer, and off-piste and heli-skiing during the winter, for those that need that extra thrill. If you let them know beforehand they'll be excited to plan something amazing for you before you come.

As the hotel is built as a side kick to an event company, its core business lies in providing weekly, or bi-weekly guided tours all year around. However, one may join in at any point and take part whevenever it feels right. Millefiori offers all equipment and has its own ski shop on the ground floor, DPS skiis are obviously provided for more advanced skiiers. Here we provide our guests with skiis, bikes, snow shoes and snowboards. It's pretty neat as you won't have to go some place else to get your gear. Our ski guides (or hiking guides) will be responsible for all transportation to and from the lifts and hiking paths so there is no need to get a car here. The cars will usually leave after breakfast but make sure you check in with reception beforehand.

At Millefiori we pride ourselves in providing an inclusive atmosphere where everyone will eat and socialize together. Thus, Millefiori is a great place for lone travelers. Dinner is the same for everyone and changes each night, but will always be served with new baked bread, cheeses, fruits and hams. Dessert and coffee will always be served in the lounge where you may socialize and play boardgames with your company or other travellers. As a side note, we have never had any complaints and our guest seem to appriciate the simplicity of this unique concept. However, Valtournanche offers a few other restaurants if one is interested to explore the village as well.

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The hotel has undergone renovations in 2016 to create an alpine lodge of the highest quality. Our premium rooms can fit up to five people while offering completely renovated bathrooms.

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The hotel isn't just a hotel, it's a unique concept where one can come alone, or in a group, to be active, explore and meet likeminded people. We have skiiers, climbers and hikers who visit us every year to make sure they get a price worthy vacation.

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Book one of our packages to gain the full alpine experience. We offer packages that include everything from board and room to airport transfer and equipment rental. We always offer English and Swedisg speaking alp guides.

What's Going On?

May - Hiking Season Starts

The Italian alps, according to the Italians, is at its best during this period. Hiking season is starting and italians travel from all over the country to hike the pre-carved paths that Valtournenche and Cervinia has to offer. Why not check out the different guided hikes we offer? Please visit our parent company, Alpine Event, for special hiking packages that offer everything from room and board to airport transfer.

Guided Hiking Tours

August - Italy Holiday Season

This is vacation time for locals, and the village is packed with Italians from all over the country. The weather is always just perfect for those that enjoy sun but without the intense perspiration the southern cities always seem to offer during the summer. Several festivals as well as cyckling and hiking competitions are underway and the village is never quiet! The hotel is very busy during this time but will quiet down during the end of the month.

August Events

September - Fresh Air & Serenity

September is quiet in Valtournenche and Cervinia. This is the period right before the ski lifts open again for the season and many are back at work and school. Hotel Millefiori has taken this time to offer a more serene hiking experience in a city that is almost asleep. This is the time to travel if you like to have more space for yourself and your family. Perhaps you like to work remotely and go on a guided hiking tour once in a while? This is the time to go.

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October 28th - Pre Season

On October 28th, the lifts will open once again for the season. This period has been fully booked with us with a few exceptions. This is the time to travel if you would like to pay less for the full alpine experience. Hotels in Valtournenche is running at less than full capacity and will welcome you with open arms. You will also find cheaper prices for both the ski lifts and other expenses, such as ski & snowboard equipment.

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December 25th - Season starts

This is a beautiful time for the hotel and the Italian alps in general. The valley will start to pack a thick layer of snow and will look like something out of a fairytale. The season starts the 25th of December and will continue well into April. The New Years is usually fully booked with us but do enquire as we might experience a cancellation or two. We have a wonderful set of customers that love to visit us during the high season. So, please be aware that we are usually fully booked months in advance, so if you are keen to visit make sure to book with us in time.

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